Hardware project for controlling legacy flipdot panels used by BVG



This project was exhibited at 36C3. A large display was constructed from many flipdots. Pictures of the installation.

fluepdot is a hardware and C project for controlling flip disc panels which where in use by the Berlin public transport operator BVG.


Up to 5 flipdot panels are managed by one fluepboard. It is equipped with a dual core ESP32 that supports WLAN and Bluetooth. An RS485 transceiver can be used for wired installations. You only have to solder the THT (through hole technology) connectors which are shipped together with the fluepboard as a kit.



PCB top layer

PCB bottom layer


The fluepboard comes pre-flashed with a firmware, that allows for various ways of interacting with the flipdot.


  • CLI for configuration and testing purposes

  • mDNS for simple service discovery

  • HTTP API for framebuffer manipulations

  • SNMP for monitoring and framebuffer manipulations

  • BT LE support for framebuffer manipulations

  • C flipdot library for custom applications